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Sunday 17th February - Wales on Sunday pg23 (courtesy of Laurie)

In the Wales on Sunday weekly newspaper Big Shiny Cave were asked to give their thoughts on the question "Do talent shows really have any credibility?"  As finalists in BBC1 talent show "The Next Big Thing", their answer was, of course, a big shiny "yes".

Described as promising and lively Maesteg rock quartet, Bassist Andrew Maddern gave his views on why talent shows like Pop Idol are worth it. 

Now where would you find a lively welsh rock band hanging out??....ahhh yes, of course, McDonalds obviously.  The Picture above Madderns comments show the band posing in front of a sign saying "Frothy and full of beans."  Quite.  Andrew and Adam peer alluringly into the camera, as Tom goes for a more casual look, sitting on top of the counter, whereas padge is shown taking a big shiny gulp out of his McDonalds cup. 

A short Biography of the band is shown, describing them as, "exuberant punk rockers, who make Muhamed Ali look shy". Who are most likely to say "We are the greatest!!"  And are least likely to say "Do you think this sounds any good?"  Maddern says about their talent show attempts "Some people would say we're selling out but we're getting the opportunity to get out there and do it."
     "It'll be nerve racking when we're in our final but this is an opportunity for us and we'll show people that we're credible and we can actually do it."

Everyone at the BSC website have no doubt that all of the boys in BSC can 'do it' whenever they want, especially Maddern, no question.

Bassist Andrew goes on to say "I am a cocky so and so, what will happen if we lose?  That's not going to happen, we're going to win!"

Maddern talks about future plans and a upcoming photo shoot with Huw Irranca Davies (Local MP), and says "image wise we're really laid back."

Wales On Sunday say: "these boys have the right spirit so don't forget to vote for them on March the 8th."

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