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After a long wait, the new CD 'Twice Maybe Thrice' should be ready for public consumption by mid September, as soon as the artwork is complete. Hopefully we will be selling them in Atom Records in town and from us directly. No definate price yet, but will probably be around 4 squid. Anyways, here are a couple of pics of us at the studio:
Marys Cafe The Studio
Also here are a few pictures from our recent jaunt to the Leeds Festival:
Leeds Festival 1 Leeds Festival 2
Leeds Festival 3 Leeds Festival 4
Leeds Festival 5
Coming Soon two new regulalrly updated features - I am vaguely cognisant with your abode (aka We Know Where You Live) and Change From A Tenner
I am vaguely cognisant with your abode (aka We Know Where You Live)
Each week, this site will feature a photograph of one of the Big Shiny Cave possee's homes. First to be featured will be the funny man with the strange girl-like hair Johnny Howe!
Change from A Tenner
Each week, we will give a selection of food from a well known diner in Maesteg, and you have to work out how much change from a tenner there would be. For example, if I bought a large doner kebab, medium chips and an orange Fanta from Maesteg Charcoal Grill, I would have 4.76 change from a tenner.
See, simple aint it? The first diner to be featured will be the Coegnant Cafe in Caerau, so get up there and check out those crazy prices!!!

Also there is a new forum! click the word Forum on the right bar to go there.

- Steve and Matt

Just say that we've finished the recording and producing, but that we are waiting for the artwork to be done, and that it should be ready by about October/November. Thanks for the continued support 

- Maddern

Those of you with Audiogalaxy can now search for Big Shiny Cave and find both EPs available to download. Get there now and download them!

Big Shiny Cave play the Pop Factory in Porth on Friday 21st June (more details in the coming days)

We've added loads of stuff to the site lately, and when we have anything more worthwhile it will be added. Check the gigs section soon for more gigs that we are trying to sort out. Also in the gigs section don't forget we want two independent reviews of each gig, so please, if you came to any gig, any feedback would be appreciated.

The new EP 'Twice Maybe Thrice' will be out as soon as the studio finish the artwork which we now have sorted. Keep checking back to the site for more info. We hope to get a section going, where people can order CD's from us over the internet, which will be really helpful. Until then, your just gonna have to wait... 

- Maddern 

Sorry its been a while since posting any new info on the site. Here are some things that will be happening soon in the future:

BSC may be recording with Avanti Productions in the pop factory in the coming months. This is the same production company that produced the latest stereophonics DVD and video release!. 

The new BSC EP titled "Twice Maybe Thrice" will be on sale in the next few months. Tracks include "Lucky 13" and an acoustic number called "Open Ended"

Some new gigs to be announced soon. More news to follow.

To celebrate their appearance on the final of "the next big thing" Big Shiny Cave will be  playing Maesteg Cricket Club tonight, doors at 8pm. Don't miss it!
Just twelve days to go until "the Next Big Thing" finale so please email to friends, print out and stick in windows and generally circulate these two posters to help publicize Big Shiny Cave - poster 1  poster 2 

Now, we present you two very large pictures of the band - Band in McDonalds Band playing live on the set of "the Next Big Thing"

Big Shiny Cave headline Sams Bar in Cardiff this tuesday. BSC go on stage at 11pm and are supported by Orca and Snailfarm. So, if you can, get into town- its a great venue and im sure Big Shiny Cave will play rather well.

You may have noticed the addition of a new section called Hype. Hopefully, with your help we will be able to chronicle all the press appearances BSC make and keep them archived online.

As you may have seen on your TV screens, last Friday Big Shiny Cave won their heat of "the Next Big Thing". The boys managed to beat every act on the show - being the first act on and yet staying as the winners until the end. 

A fine gathering was held in the 4 7s club to celebrate the achievement of the band. Family and friends watched "the Next Big Thing" with the band, then all we treated a fantastic live performance from Big Shiny Cave. The event was even attended by some local politicians and other intellectuals !

The band has received some fan mail from as far away as Holland following the TV appearance. Thank you very much to all that have contacted the band and please continue with your correspondence, the band appreciates every message they get from their fans. 

The final of "the Next Big Thing" is on March 8th. This programme involves phone voting by the television audience, so get ready to vote for the boys on their big day. 

Today the website has received approximately 60 hits! this is smashing the previous record for hits to this site. It seems as though the TV exposure has also increased the popularity of this site (how surprising). Keep visiting and have a look around; there is even a rumour that the biogs will be here soon. 

I have set up a Big Shiny Cave Yahoo Group. Join the group and then pop into the files section for a free download of the BSC track "Thomas` Song" as to be heard on the BBC 1 television series "the Next Big Thing" on February the 8th. There is also a poll on the group which is worth voting in - it will bring you eternal contentment *honest*.

There is a BSC gig in Maesteg Cricket Club this Saturday night (January 19th). 2 on the door will get you in.

The BBC Television series "the Next Big Thing" starts on Friday January 4th at 4.35pm, Big Shiny Cave will be appearing on the February 8th programme.

Also, there is a BSC gig in Maesteg Cricket Club this Friday night (January 4th). 2 on the door will get you into the venue and keep you thoroughly entertained for an hour or two.

BSC have finished the recording at the BBC in Nottingham for 'The Next Big Thing'. It is a youth talent show, and the audience votes for the winner in a 'winner stays on' format. The show will be broadcast on BBC1 at 4.30 pm on Friday 8th November - DON'T MISS IT.
We made some new friends while we recorded the show, and we have been having e-mails from the studio audience. It's nice to know how much you liked us - thanks (Emma, Tori and Vicky)
Our first EP called 'The Lost In Bedwas Sessions' goes on sale this weekend. It is priced at 4 squid, and the jungle in Maesteg has kindly agreed to sell them. You can go and just browse, or ring them on: 01656 73????. Check out the music section to find out info on the tracks themselves.
On Monday 22nd of October, we are going to Nottingham to record for the BBC programme 'The Next Big Thing'. The programme is kind of a talent show, and we will be up against other acts from all over the UK. 
The programme is to be aired on BBC1 in January of next year.
1st and 2nd of November sees us recording our second EP at the Immtech studio in Cardiff. The CD will contain three songs, with one never before played live. Check back at this site for more info at a later date.

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