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Thoms biography

Name : Thomas William Dixon
Known as : 'Chief Whigam', 'Gettin Wiggy Wid It', 'Whigfield'
Address : Send Valentines cards to: 21 Maesteg Road, Cwmfelin, Maesteg.
Date of birth : 24/09/83
Star sign : Libra (a la Dog)
Age : 18 going on 10.
Role in Band : Guitar, Vox, Sex Appeal and Nudity.
Fave bands : The Ataris, Deftones, Douglas and Idlewild.
Fave food : Mama's own homemade pasta (plain), chicken breast (plain), Jacket Potato (Butter) and Brocolli, washed down with a deadly dosage of 19p Irn Bru.
My most recent dream : Ask Mr Freud.
Fave films : 'Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures'/'Bogus Journey', 'Wayne's World I' and 'II' and 'That Thing You Do'
Current mood : Larry (a pro po achieving happy as).
Most likely to say : Someone else who knows me can write here, otherwise I'd just be an egotistical wanker. ( wanker).
Least likely to say : 'Lets all go eat shit'.
Best gig ever : BSC gig would be the Town Hall the other night (10/05/02), even though the crowd were like cunts (apart from the girls who wanted to suck my member). Best gig to watch was when the Ataris supported the Vandals in TJ's and Douglas played last which was awesome.
Current hair colour : Ginger on top, Brown star on sides.
Where would you like to live? : California.
Personal Comments : 'Regrets are worthless, confusion is underated and don't ever compromise what you believe'.

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