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Madderns biography

Name : Andrew Maddern
Known as : Madman 'Randy' Savage
Address : Not Applicable
Date of birth : 12/09/84
Star sign : Virgo
Age : 17
Role in Band : Bass player extraordinaire/ pointless banter
Fave bands : Midtown, Hundred Reasons, Goldfinger, Osker, the Atais and MxPx
Fave food : Mcfuxs two cheeseburger meal. Large for just 30p extra.
My most recent dream : Old man fashioning kayak out of a log. 
Fave films : Dogma, Wayne’s World
Current mood : Weird Sunday feeling.
Most likely to say : ‘Jude get my dinner on……..biatch’
Least likely to say : ‘Jesus is the light of the world’
Best gig ever : Watching would probably be Midtown or the Douglas/Hundred Reasons/Capdown show. Best Big Shiny Cave gig was when we learnt loads of new songs for a cricket club gig. It was nice.
Current hair colour : Brown as…. Ten bears
Where would you like to live? : Somewhere where I could just enjoy going to/playing gigs in the sun.
Personal Comments : I am the most intelligent and good looking member of BSC and deserve the credit for anything: fun, witty and/or entertaining. I thank you.

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