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Pagets biography

Name : Andrew Paget
Known as : Any variation of the word Paget. Any variation.
Address : Exactly Maesteg, Wales.
Date of birth : 13/03/85
Star sign : Pisces
Age : 16
Role in Band : Drummer boy
Fave bands : Incubus, Hundred Reasons, Deftones, The Cooper Temple Clause etc
Fave food : Chips and something
My most recent dream : I dreamt the other day that drumsticks were a natural resource, and u had 2 set up mines 2 get them out of the ground.
Fave films : not any of the ‘Ernest goes to…’ films.
Current mood : tired
Most likely to say : “I dunno…”
Least likely to say : “that was a good joke Steve” or “ I really enjoyed that gig”
Best gig ever : Deftones back to school tour in London
Current hair colour : Brown with blonde bits.
Where would you like to live? : California
Personal Comments : San Dimas High School football rules!

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