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Lucky Thirteen

I don't want to be what they think I should be.
I don't have to sell out.
And its so unlucky for some but not for me.
Your my lucky thirteen.

Follow me under the ladder and watch as black cats pass us by.

Lucky thirteen your my orange coloured green and the proof I don't believe lucky thirteen.
Lucky thirteen when nothing is as it seems and your stuck inside a dream lucky thirteen.

I don't want to know how far I have to go.
Before I start falling down.

Lets go smash some mirrors, spilt your milk but please don't cry.

I'm down with walking on three drains I took my chance you can't complain.
Now my fire's burning through the rain.
And if a bird SHITS on your head chances are you'll end up dead.
The penny that you've found can't save you now.