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Don't Piss Me Off Marion

We're all bored of bored.
Self assured our time will come.
And on that day you'll be in your places.
So stay away before we kick your asses.

We walk round with our shirts hanging out.
What's that sound? Is my walkman on too loud?
So sorry that I do your head in.
But soon you'll see just where I'm heading.

You scream and shout, but I don't hear a single thing at all.
And your in doubt, because maybe...definitely your wrong.
Simple man, I've got simple goals.
Please understand, its all under control.
Simple man, I know I waste my time.
So FUCK you all, I'm doing fine.

They all say that my jumper's a bit too big.
Day after day we're getting tired of that same old SHIT.
'Walk on the left' and 'No smiling please'.
We've had enough and its not FUCKING funny.