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Adam`s* biography

Name : Adam.
Known as : Adam.
Address : We dunno.
Date of birth : We can't remember.
Star sign : Fuck knows.
Age : 17.
Role in Band : Massive guitar solos + singing.
Fave bands : Midtown, Fenix TX, Kiss The Bishop.
Fave food : Chips.
My most recent dream : ?
Fave films : 'Waynes World'
Current mood : Currently trying to pull my head off (in joke).
Most likely to say : 'Ffffuck off Steve'.
Least likely to say : 'Can't come out boys, I'm revising'.
Best gig ever : Town Hall gig - aerial dismount (What can we say?)
Current hair colour : Brown.
Where would you like to live? : In a van.
Personal Comments : 'Boys this is the nicest burger ever. No...I can't believe how nice this burger is boys'.

*Note to reader. Adam cannot be arsed to write his own biog, so Mr Thomas Dixon and Mr Andrew Maddern took it upon themselves to give in their opinions an honest and accurate account of what Adam might say. Thank you for you time.

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